Poland 1-3 Austria
20th June 2024 – Euro 2024

Poland vs Austria: Euro 2024 In-Depth Review

Key Moments

  1. 9th Minute – Austria’s Early Lead: Gernot Trauner scored Austria’s fastest goal ever at the Euros, giving them an early advantage.
  2. 27th Minute – Poland’s Equalizer: Krzysztof Piątek leveled the score for Poland, bringing the game back to parity.
  3. Second Half – Austria’s Dominance: Austria took control in the second half, with goals from Marcel Sabitzer and Marko Arnautović sealing a 3-1 victory.
  4. Lewandowski’s Substitution: Robert Lewandowski, recovering from injury, was subbed in but couldn’t change the game’s outcome.

Match Overview

Austria secured a crucial 3-1 victory over Poland in their Euro 2024 Group D clash at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. This win keeps Austria’s hopes alive for progressing to the knockout stages, while Poland faces an uphill battle to stay in the tournament.

First Half

Austria started the match aggressively, pressing high and controlling possession. Their efforts paid off early when Gernot Trauner scored in the 9th minute, marking Austria’s fastest goal in Euro history. Poland struggled to find their rhythm initially but gradually grew into the game. Krzysztof Piątek’s equalizer in the 27th minute brought Poland back into contention, setting the stage for an intense second half.

Second Half

The second half saw Austria reassert their dominance. Marcel Sabitzer’s goal put Austria ahead, and Marko Arnautović’s strike sealed the victory. Poland’s attempts to get back into the game were thwarted by Austria’s solid defense and effective counter-attacks. Robert Lewandowski, who was subbed in during the second half, couldn’t make a significant impact.

Player Ratings


  • Wojciech Szczęsny (6/10): Made some crucial saves but was ultimately unable to keep Austria at bay.
  • Jan Bednarek (5/10): Struggled to contain Austria’s forwards and was often caught out of position.
  • Pawel Dawidowicz (5/10): Had a tough time dealing with Austria’s pace and movement.
  • Jakub Kiwior (6/10): Showed some resilience but was overwhelmed by Austria’s attacking prowess.
  • Przemysław Frankowski (6/10): Worked hard on the flanks but lacked the final product.
  • Piotr Zieliński (7/10): Poland’s most creative player, constantly trying to make things happen.
  • Damian Szymański (5/10): Struggled to impose himself in midfield.
  • Kacper Kozłowski (6/10): Showed promise but faded as the game progressed.
  • Nicola Zalewski (6/10): Had some bright moments but couldn’t influence the game significantly.
  • Adam Buksa (6/10): Worked tirelessly but lacked service.
  • Krzysztof Piątek (7/10): Scored Poland’s only goal and was a constant threat.


  • Patrick Pentz (7/10): Made several important saves to keep Austria in the game.
  • Stefan Posch (6/10): Solid defensively and contributed to Austria’s build-up play.
  • Gernot Trauner (8/10): Scored the opening goal and was a rock at the back.
  • Philipp Lienhart (7/10): Strong defensive performance, kept Poland’s attackers at bay.
  • Christopher Trimmel (6/10): Provided width and supported the attack well.
  • Nicolas Seiwald (7/10): Controlled the midfield and broke up Poland’s play effectively.
  • Florian Grillitsch (7/10): Worked hard in midfield and linked up play well.
  • Konrad Laimer (7/10): Energetic performance, constantly pressing and harrying Poland’s midfielders.
  • Christoph Baumgartner (8/10): A constant threat, created several chances and assisted a goal.
  • Marcel Sabitzer (8/10): Scored a crucial goal and was influential throughout the game.
  • Marko Arnautović (8/10): Led the line well, scored a goal, and was a constant menace to Poland’s defense.

Group D Standings



Q: Why didn’t Robert Lewandowski start the match?
A: Lewandowski was recovering from a thigh injury and was not fit enough to start.

Q: Who scored the goals for Austria?
A: Gernot Trauner, Marcel Sabitzer, and Marko Arnautović scored for Austria.

Q: What was the final score?
A: Austria won 3-1 against Poland.

Q: How does this result affect Poland’s chances in the tournament?
A: Poland now faces a difficult task to progress, needing to win their remaining matches and hope other results go their way.

Q: Who was the standout player for Austria?
A: Marcel Sabitzer was particularly influential, scoring a goal and controlling the midfield.

Next Fixtures

  • Poland: Poland will face France in their next Group D match.
  • Austria: Austria will play against the Netherlands in their next Group D encounter.

This comprehensive review covers the key moments, player performances, and implications of the Poland vs Austria match in Euro 2024. With Austria’s victory, the group dynamics have shifted, making the upcoming fixtures crucial for both teams.

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